The Rise of WordPress

We all know how good WordPress can be. Millions of people cannot be wrong.

The continued growth of WordPress over the years, and the fact that it now powers so many websites, is fantastic. Not only from my perspective, but from the perspective of those operating a website, using the WordPress Platform.

The constant development (and improvement) of the platform for more than dozen years, has enabled so many people to make a living from it, such as theme and plugin developers, e-Commerce managers, and businesses relying on Woo Commerce, which powers so many online shops. Best part is, WordPress is FREE.

Consider this. If WordPress was to ‘just maintain’ its’ approximate 30% share of websites that ‘power’ the internet, it’s usage will still grow rapidly – as evidenced by the constant growth of online traffic, especially e-Commerce and business to business websites.

As demand for WordPress Professionals increases, it is providing more and more opportunities for people to ‘live a laptop lifestyle’, so to speak – if you are dedicated, and good at your work, the ability to earn six figures (net) is just too easy.

Here’s a post that was originally posted in 2012, that I found online.

It’s interesting in this post, that there’s a ‘widespread attitude’ that WordPress ‘isn’t proper web design’ – Now, it’s not the opinion of the writer, they are discussing the ‘attitude’.

My answer to this ‘really stupid’ ‘attitude’ is that the facts speak for themselves. The world is moving forward, it’s more automated and self-managed. People can now ‘safely’ have a website built, and if they do a little research, or learn how to manage and update their website, they are better off, aren’t they?

The whole purpose of WordPress, is to give people the power. Just imagine how expensive it would be, if developers ran the show! ‘Oh….you want to update your phone number, do you? That’ll be $250, thank you very much’. But no, WordPress allows the average user to login to their dashboard, and update their own phone number – for FREE.

Power to the people.

Obviously, with more technical ‘demands’, clients have the option to request changes to their websites by WordPress Developers / Managers.

You see, this is a whole new business that never existed prior to the development of the WordPress Platform. You now have people that are skilled in WordPress, with no experience in coding, that can safely manage websites for individuals and businesses, at a cheaper rate, than someone like me.

Which is why I’ve decided to set up a Monitoring Service, that will incorporate updates and assistance to those with existing websites. My aim is to manage no more than 50 websites, at $199 per month. I can host your website on my server at an additional fee, which is subject to requirements. Contact Me for more information, providing as much information as you can – communication is secure.

By using my Monitoring Services, if your website requires any technical work done, my services will be available at an additional $55 per hour (saving you $66 an hour), with a minimum of 1 hour.

Why use a Monitoring Service?

  • Peace of mind
  • Added security
  • Up to date website
  • Limited downtime

Obviously, there are numerous other benefits, as some people will benefit in more ways than others, depending on the type of website / business that is monitored.

Like always, I am open and honest. I am not the cheapest WordPress Professional. If you check me out and think I’m too expensive, then return to have someone else’s mistakes fixed, I normally won’t assist – Because that’s the price you need to pay for wanting to be cheap.

Interested in more information? Feel free to contact me or search for another WordPress Professional.