Great subject. Who would you rather turn to, to get work done on your WordPress Website? Local or International?

I watched the video below, a few days ago – Stefan is worth subbing, if you’re into development, and I’ve been thinking about writing about this subject, discussing what I believe are the Pro’s and Con’s with using Freelance Websites as opposed to a Local WordPress Professional.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working on websites that weren’t based in Australia. The issues I primarily faced, was payment related, and time differences which was a bit of a problem when needing to communicate with the websites’ owner. Chasing someone overseas for payment was pretty much a waste of time.

In Australia, we have a rather high cost of living / standard. Sometimes, if you’re doing work on a US or Canadian, or European Country-based website, the exchange rate can work in your favor, because you can lower your rate to match or ‘beat’ another WordPress Professionals’ rate. Other things that come into play, are the quality of work, and accessibility of communications, so it’s not always price-based that matters most.

The ‘problem’ we, as professionals, now face – and I use that term loosely, is that you have emerging economies such as India / Pakistan, and the Philippines, who have entered this area of work, and are charging ridiculously low rates, and they ARE getting the work. In some ways, this has ‘forced’ some WordPress Professionals to lower their rates, to get any work at all.

This is where your Branding comes into play – and has the ability to benefit you so much more than someone operating in one of the BRIC economies.

Some people with a little entrepreneurial flare have embraced this, and actually build their brand, based on pushing out cheap websites – using people in BRIC economies to build these cheap websites. The issue I have with using these operators, is that people have been left with ‘broken’ websites, that these operators refuse to repair. People like me are left to pick up the pieces and fix websites that are just horribly written, and most need to be built again, from scratch. These operators will take your money and run.

This is part of the reason why I tell people up-front, that I am not cheap – but I get the job done, and will provide assistance free-of-charge, if there’s an issue. Not one customer of mine has ever had to say a bad word against me – because I do whatever it takes to do the job. I don’t leave people in the lurch if there’s an issue.

My name is my brand. I’ve said it before, and will continue to say it.

The option you have is simple – Pay the going rate (based on experience and quality) in the country you live, or pay the penalty through a dud WordPress Website.

We all have choices. Sometimes we make choices based on what we can afford, I get that. But, given the fact that more and more WordPress Websites are used for business, I ask you this very simple question;

What value do you place on your business, your brand, your future?

I often ask people to think very carefully about who they trust with their websites. The consequences can be pretty scary.

In Australia, for example, we have plenty of laws that basically make you liable for security breaches – be it, insurance-wise, or criminally. I for one, work within these laws, because I know that I ‘could’ face charges of not securing your data, whereas, if you (for example) were to have a website built by someone from a BRIC economy, they would be untouchable, whereas you would be completely liable.

I think it’s a very serious subject, that needs greater transparency regarding liability.

Just think about your choices. It could mean the difference between owning your home, or losing it – and going to jail.

Whatever you choose, make it the right one.

As always, I’d appreciate a share or seven, and please feel free to contact me for any information about this post or any other subject I’ve written about.

EDIT – I’ve been asked by a few people where I get my images for websites that I build. If you’re in need of images for a new website, or if you’re updating a website, visit websites such as Pixabay or Unsplash – AVOID using images you ‘just like’, it’s illegal unless the image has been labelled for reuse.

Finding your own images can save you hundreds of dollars off a build.

Do you operate a business in the Cafe / Restaurant / Hotel / Motel / Accommodation sector?

I own an unlimited licence for a template based booking system, and theme that can be totally customized for any business. Best part is, this system is 100% responsive, meaning that it’s optimized for multiple devices, tablets and PC. Being responsive also benefits ranking – Bonus!

The booking system provides up to date / live information so you can’t double-book a room or table (for example), and you can set up billing (room bookings etc), so your customers can pay in advance, when their bookings are made.

You like the FREE part, don’t you. Well, I’m in business too, so obviously there’s more to it.

You have to provide me with photos, and the information you want on the website. Considering the website is FREE, I’m not intending to spend a week building it, and generally speaking, an e-Commerce / booking system like this would normally take approximately 2 days / 12 hours per day, to build, costing approximately $2500-$3500. But due to the fact that it’s a template based theme, and all I need to do is spend approximately 8 hours building it, I can offer it for FREE. I’ll even optimize the site for you, and get it ranking really well in Google, the other search engines will follow Google.

Oh yeah, the catch? You must sign up to my Monitoring Service. That will cost you $199 per month, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing your website is fully functional and up to date – and secure. For those that genuinely care about their clients information, security is THE number 1 priority.

Also, you’ll benefit from only having to pay my discounted rate (if you need work done to your website) for clients who sign up to my Monitoring Service, saving you $66 per hour – it’ll still cost you $55 an hour, but that’s the price of experience (and demand). Most people, when introduced to their new website can manage changes to their website themselves, after logging into the WordPress dashboard. I’ll show you how to make small changes, for free.

You must agree to use my Monitoring Services for 2 years.

Still too much for you? Perhaps I should work for free, without reward? Do you?

Anyway, I’ve gone on enough. If you like FREE, this is for you. If you expect everything for FREE this is not for you, and how are you in business?

If you’re interested, contact me.

EDIT – 27th January

I should have posted this message a couple of days ago, sorry.

Thirteen people contacted my by 24th January, and although I only wanted to offer this to 10 customers, I will provide FREE websites to the 13 individuals that contacted me. Fair is fair.

Be sure to check back every now and then, I might run the offer again some time in the future, perhaps around a holiday period.

Ok, I’d better start work!

We all know how good WordPress can be. Millions of people cannot be wrong.

The continued growth of WordPress over the years, and the fact that it now powers so many websites, is fantastic. Not only from my perspective, but from the perspective of those operating a website, using the WordPress Platform.

The constant development (and improvement) of the platform for more than dozen years, has enabled so many people to make a living from it, such as theme and plugin developers, e-Commerce managers, and businesses relying on Woo Commerce, which powers so many online shops. Best part is, WordPress is FREE.

Consider this. If WordPress was to ‘just maintain’ its’ approximate 30% share of websites that ‘power’ the internet, it’s usage will still grow rapidly – as evidenced by the constant growth of online traffic, especially e-Commerce and business to business websites.

As demand for WordPress Professionals increases, it is providing more and more opportunities for people to ‘live a laptop lifestyle’, so to speak – if you are dedicated, and good at your work, the ability to earn six figures (net) is just too easy.

Here’s a post that was originally posted in 2012, that I found online.

It’s interesting in this post, that there’s a ‘widespread attitude’ that WordPress ‘isn’t proper web design’ – Now, it’s not the opinion of the writer, they are discussing the ‘attitude’.

My answer to this ‘really stupid’ ‘attitude’ is that the facts speak for themselves. The world is moving forward, it’s more automated and self-managed. People can now ‘safely’ have a website built, and if they do a little research, or learn how to manage and update their website, they are better off, aren’t they?

The whole purpose of WordPress, is to give people the power. Just imagine how expensive it would be, if developers ran the show! ‘Oh….you want to update your phone number, do you? That’ll be $250, thank you very much’. But no, WordPress allows the average user to login to their dashboard, and update their own phone number – for FREE.

Power to the people.

Obviously, with more technical ‘demands’, clients have the option to request changes to their websites by WordPress Developers / Managers.

You see, this is a whole new business that never existed prior to the development of the WordPress Platform. You now have people that are skilled in WordPress, with no experience in coding, that can safely manage websites for individuals and businesses, at a cheaper rate, than someone like me.

Which is why I’ve decided to set up a Monitoring Service, that will incorporate updates and assistance to those with existing websites. My aim is to manage no more than 50 websites, at $199 per month. I can host your website on my server at an additional fee, which is subject to requirements. Contact Me for more information, providing as much information as you can – communication is secure.

By using my Monitoring Services, if your website requires any technical work done, my services will be available at an additional $55 per hour (saving you $66 an hour), with a minimum of 1 hour.

Why use a Monitoring Service?

  • Peace of mind
  • Added security
  • Up to date website
  • Limited downtime

Obviously, there are numerous other benefits, as some people will benefit in more ways than others, depending on the type of website / business that is monitored.

Like always, I am open and honest. I am not the cheapest WordPress Professional. If you check me out and think I’m too expensive, then return to have someone else’s mistakes fixed, I normally won’t assist – Because that’s the price you need to pay for wanting to be cheap.

Interested in more information? Feel free to contact me or search for another WordPress Professional.