Meta, SEO and Brand Awareness Part 3

This seems to be of interest to people at the moment.

There is a misconception with a lot of business owners, believing that what we as website professionals (WordPress at this end) do for a dollar.

As Stefan Mischook explains in the video above, ultimately, we are not responsible for how successful a website is, with regards to the number of visitors and conversion rates – sales.

Business owners are responsible for their business. I commented on the above video, and Stefan called it ‘Quote of the day’. But, read into the quote –

“We assist businesses, not build them a business!”.

Think about it for just a moment. Why would I, or any other Website Developer / WordPress Professional out there, build you a website for a few thousand dollars and let ‘you’ make tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, if we could just build a website and do it all ourselves?

We provide functionality for business. We provide a way to add products and purchase points online (safely), as well as providing potential customers with the information they need to make an informed decision, as to whether or not to make a purchase. You need to provide that connection with customers. This is why it is called ‘your business’.

Your website is just the beginning, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere.

The way in which you interact with customers is also a driving force to more sales (hopefully).

The best way for you to interact with customers, is through photos – especially when you are talking about product. have a great article about ‘Why Product Photography is Important‘ – check it out. Basically, it makes sense to use websites like Pinterest and / or Instagram, and to a lesser extent on Twitter, to showcase your product.

Both Pinterest and Instagram cater for different markets, so do some research to see what suits you best – but use at least one of them!

I’m not a branding expert, but I can see the importance of creating a brand that people like, know and trust – especially when you’re asking them to give you their money.

If you provide a sub-standard service, the best website in the world is not going to save you.

Website professionals like myself are not responsible for creating the trust between you and your clients. You need to do this yourself, through providing products and / or services at a realistic price point. You need to follow up with your customers, ensuring that what they ordered was to their standard, and letting them know that you are always there for them.

The point of this post, is to ‘hopefully’ explain that you are responsible for your sales. As Stefan says in his video – ….If you buy a delivery van from Ford, do you expect Ford to guarantee you delivery work? Well, the short answer is NO.

Start to build your Brand Awareness with the free tools at your disposal.

  1. Get social – (eg. Pinterest / Instagram).
    I’m not a big fan of Facebook for business.
  2. Be sincere – (don’t con people).
  3. Treat your customers with respect.
  4. Let me make you an awesome website :)