Domain Names – Are they worth it?

Domain Name Investing as we know it is all but dead and gone in Australia, if not around the world.

The .com extension has seen an average price fall significantly over the past 18 – 24 months. For those who purchased extensions over the same period, their investment has all but been written off.

Personally, I’ve never bought a Domain Name – I’ve always picked up Domain Names that have either not been renewed, or never been registered.

If I came across a Domain Name I liked, I’d simply register it, host it and do a little SEO on it, then let it go. If it made some money via Google advertisements and paid for itself, that’s a bonus.

I’m not all that fussed about Domain Names now. At one point, I had about 100 or so registered, and fortunately sold a few, which make any losses seem totally insignificant.

My biggest profit came from the sale of back in 2016. Due to a NDA, I cannot discuss the price, but it wasn’t all that bad – thank you very much ;).

There’s an old saying – “something is only worth what someone is willing to pay”. This is not only very true, but should be kept in mind if you’re thinking about buying a Domain Name.

What do I plan with my existing Domains? Well, I recently contacted my registrar and cancelled several dozen. What I have left will either be developed, or left to expire.

I’m not attached to any particular Domain Name, so I don’t particularly care if someone picks up one that expires. All the names I have left that aren’t developed have more than repaid what I’ve spent, so they aren’t any loss – even if I gave them away for free.

The reason for this post? I’m just putting it out there, that if you want one of my Domains before they expire, contact me. If you wait for one to expire, someone may pick it up – then YOU lose out, not me.

Besides, I’m concentrating on website auditing & security now, so developing (new) Domains isn’t all that important, nor of interest to me.

Interested in a Domain Name that I have? Contact Me.

Otherwise, if you operate a WordPress website and are in need of assistance, I can help.